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A (Milky) Way To My Heart

Ok, here's my thing with galaxy nails. It's been done a million times and I was kinda over it. But then this one time, my boyfriend came from a trip to town with some food shopping, a new haircut and oh, a few Barry M polishes...?...?....?!?!?! Well, I'm not going to complain! One of them was a gorgeous limited edition Sparkling Amethyst and it was just begging for galaxy nails. So even though I've done it a few times before, here are some space nails!

galaxy space cosmos sparkle stars nail art

This polish is beautiful! It's packed with purple and blue sparkle. It's all set in a dark purple polish and the application and consistency is very good, like all the Barry M polishes that I own. No surprise there!

space galaxy sparkle barry m sparkling amethyst

Polishes used: 
Barry M Sparkling Amethyst
Barry M Cotton
Rimmel Black Out
Rimmel Danny Boy, Blue

galaxy nails space stars sparkling amethyst barry m

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Have you tried any of the sparkling limited edition Barry M polishes? And by the way, nail polish? So much better than flowers! x

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