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I'm having some major holiday blues. Someone take me back to New Zealand! I've been looking through the hundreds of pics I took and completely forgot I took a (very rushed) shot of the design I was rocking on my holidays! Well, the 'rocking' part didn't last much past the take off but I'll get to that in a minute!

beige nails inc colville mews stamp moyou london

A few days before I left I got myself the new Glamour issue because, let's face it, who wouldn't pay £2 for the Nails Inc polish that came with it?! Exactly. I was so happy I managed to find a nice creme beige amongst all the reds and darks. Colville Mews worked so well with my skin tone. I decided to add a quick rose gold stamping because I had so many things to prepare before the trip that spending hours on nails just wasn't an option.

I loved this design so much! It was simple but sweet and I felt like it would go with everything. I've been really happy with all my Nails Inc polishes and I was hoping that my manicure would last at least a week so I think there's no surprise that I chose this brand. How wrong I was!

This only happened to me once before with a brand I wasn't familiar with. Imagine peeling a boiled egg. This is the best way I can describe what was happening to my nails. I don't mean they chipped or had a bit of wearing signs. The polish literally cracked on my nails THE NEXT DAY. Every time I hit my nails another bit would crack and fall off. In the end I was left with a design that peeled about half way through the nail bed. Hardly ideal when you're away and can't even fix it! I only took a few essentials with me so in the end I just left my nails bare for most of the trip.

cream rose gold models own chrome nails

Either way I loved this manicure (while it lasted), especially the delicate tulip pattern from MoYou London Pro collection. For stamping I used Models Own Chrome Rose. What do you think? Have you ever had an experience like mine?

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