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This month I decided to take part in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge because well, there are a few reasons. First, I always wanted to do it and second, all the themes for this month revolve around Christmas and winter. Erm hello? I'm all over it! 

purple gradient delicate metallic snowflakes freehand nails

The first prompt this month is snowflakes. I was really fancying some purple nails and decided to finally have a go at this delicate purple gradient I was thinking about for a while. I know purple is not your typical winter colour but clearly, I like living on the edge guys!

winter purple gradient models own chrome snowflakes nails

I love this mani so much! It's so dainty. I created the gradient using Barry M Cotton, Pure Euphoria Inner Strength* (reviewed here) and a piece of bath sponge. The snowflakes are hand painted using a striping brush and Models Own Chrome Rose. 

What do you think? Is it snowing yet in your part of the world? x

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