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This time last year I was all about the reindeers, penguins and just about any creature from the animal kingdom you associate with Christmas and winter. This year I'm all about Christmas jumper designs! I am obsessed I just.can't.stop. I've already shared some with you but there is more to come so don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Today I want to show you a fun design I created for Nail Spec. I was looking up some Christmas sweaters online because, somehow, I still don't own any and I came across these two beauties. I prefer the ones where the patterns go in half circles across your chest and I thought why not try it on my nails? I merged these two together and this is what I ended up with. 

festive jumpers fair isle nail art inspiration tutorial

I am so so happy with how these turned out! I think they have a bit of a vintage vibe, don't you think? For all of you fair isle addicts out there I have created an easy, step by step tutorial to help you rock these beauties this holiday. 

christmas fair isle jumper festive nails tutorial

If you're a Christmas jumper addict you may want to have a look at my previous sweater designs:

What do you think? I'm getting back to my online Christmas shopping, see you soon! x

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