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Santa Comes from Polishville. Fact.

I swear I wanted to go for something absolutely ridiculous for today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge. Just about anything vaguely Christmas related was going to end up on my nails. But I'm afraid all the Christmas preparation and gift wrapping got the best of me and I couldn't face anymore festivities! What's happened, I became a Scrooge! 

christmas jumper sweater festive metallic christmas nail art

Still, there was no way I was missing out on Christmas nails on Christmas Day! I tried really hard to paint Santa and perhaps a Christmas tree but this year I can't get Christmas jumpers out of my head. I just can't, I don't know why! This time I decided on something a bit more minimalistic and I love it!

christmas nails negative space pattern metallic hj manicureI used a french tip vinyl to create a negative space between OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You and HJ Manicure Alpine Green. I then used a striping brush and Posh Polish Beauty UK Silver to create the pattern. All is sealed with Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat.

I hope Santa visited Polishville on his way to you. I found a nail heaven under my Christmas tree this morning! #iwasagoodgirl

Merry Christmas! Xx


  1. Love the colour combination and the Mani looks amazing
    Saz x

    1. Thank you so much Saz. I was craving something a bit minimalistic after making so many Christmas designs! X