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The weather has seriously been killing me recently. Yes, it's warm. In fact, it's been so warm I spotted a guy in shorts yesterday. Awesome, my question is: where is the bloody snow?! I just can't feel festive when the snow it's not here. So today I'm going on strike and I'm bringing the snow to you...or rather, the ice! 

ice icicles blue ombre winter nail art tutorial

I took my inspiration from icicles hanging from a roof on a really cold day. I recalled that image from my memory of course, because if I was painting what's outside my window right now, it would most likely be flowers in bloom. Actually, let's face it, flower designs hate me so perhaps not (although this one came out pretty well!).

Either way, I wanted to create a sophisticated design rather than a cartoony one and I have to say I love the result! I designed these for the Nail Spec team and they were really easy to make. To prove it, I created a tutorial!

ice icicles nails art winter tutorial waves sparkle

I based these nails on a similar design I've done a while ago. You can check it out here. What do you think? Is there snow where you live? Actually, don't tell me, I'll be so jealous if you have snow for Christmas! Xx

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