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I have finally found time to put my Christmas prezzies into good use! My boyfriend went on some sort of shopping rampage behind my back and got me what I can only describe as 'indie heaven'. I wanted to snap a quick photo for you but quite frankly I just couldn't fit it all in one frame. Yep, he's a keeper!

geometric free hand stripes contrast crelly  nails

Today's design features a beautiful Serum No.5 'Mint to Be'. It's a light green crelly full of fine dark green dust and large silver glitter pieces. I absolutely love it and had to take a swatch before I covered most of it with nail art. Here I'm wearing four very thin layers and a top coat.

serum no.5 mint to be swatch crelly indie polish

Ok, now for the fun part. I have teamed up with Linda from HeartYourNails to bring you another mani swap! I was really drawn to her pretty flower designs. I did have go at a few of them but then I realised, starting the year with one of my 'furious moments' is not the best idea. Ah, someday I'll crack the whole flower nail art thing!

Anyway, I chose one of Linda's geometric designs because it's gorgeous and I haven't done one in ages! All the lines are free handed using a striping brush. You can find the original here. Don't forget to check out Linda's take on my design!

stripes geometric freehand mint pastel glitter indie

Golden Rose Color Expert 101
Barry M Cotton
True Brit Taxi Cab

heartyournails mani swap stripes geometric crelly mint green

See you soon! Xx


  1. Very cool nail design and I like how straight and neat your framing and lines came out!