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Sheer Dotticure for Nail Spec

I realised that ever since I've started my nail art journey I only ever did one or two sheer designs. The truth is that I actually own quite a few jellies so I don't really know what's been stopping me! I've always liked the black sheer design so I decided to give it a go.

sheer tint jelly black dotticure border nail art

Oh yeah, remember when I said I had a few jellies in my stash? Well, it turns out black isn't one of them. Fantastic. What's a girl to do? I created my own tinted polish, of course! 

chic sheer lace dots border nail design nail spec

I created this look for Nail Spec and you can easily achieve it in just four steps. All you need to do is follow my tutorial. There is something about this design that made me feel so chic! I think it's the whole sheer/lacey thing.

What do you think? Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Love it! :D so tempted to give this a try, especially as it doesn't technically involve buying any new nail polish...

    1. Thank you! Exactly, you should! I mean as much as I enjoy spending money on nail polish sometimes you also need money for shoes, bags, hair products...oh and bills and things ;)