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Uber Easy Floral Design Featuring Über Chic Detail Brush

Do you remember when I said that one day I'd crack the whole floral mani thing? Well, *drumroll* today is not that day. Yeah...It's fairly close though! One of the reasons I don't paint flowers very often is because, well, it makes me furious;) I just physically CAN'T do it! However I recently bought a gorgeous Über Chic detail brush and let me tell you, there's hope for me yet.

floral flowers detail brush uber chic free hand

First of all, this brush is stunning. Look at all the tiny crystals at the end and the rhinestones design on the cover. The bristles are soft but firm and I was able to paint sleek shapes. I like that it's made of metal because, unlike wooden brushes, it feels heavy in my hand and that gives me more control. The brush is from shesellsseashells.co.uk and I really enjoyed using it. I will from now on invest in good quality brushes because I can really feel the difference. All this COULD potentially mean more floral manis!

uber chic detail brush nail art tool furious filer

I created this design for a mani swap with Maria from Journailism. She has an abundance of gorgeous designs but armed with my new brush, of course, I chose a floral manicure. I recently got myself another bottle of Ciate Sugar Plum and was eager to use it. It's without a doubt my favourite light purple. It has the perfect balance between pink and purple and it looks so creamy! 

flower nail design easy free hand matte

Ciate Sugar Plum
Ciate Boom Box
Ciate Power Dressing
Ciate Apple & Custard

flowers matte nails easy detail brush uber chic

Maria also chose to recreate one of my floral designs. You can have a look at the original here. Don't forget to check out Maria's version of my designWhat do you guys think? I know it's not perfect but I think it's an improvement! 

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