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F.U.N. Lacquer Diamond Holo Top Coat: Swatches + Review

I often find myself thinking do I REALLY need another bottle of polish? And the answer is pretty much always, um, yeah? This is a nail art blog, what did you expect?! But even though I think: yes, sometimes the entire universe (my bank balance) screams: no! The problem is that I really want to try more holographic polishes because I only own a few. However I had this idea that if I get a holographic top coat I can make ANY polish look holo. Get in! And when I say it was my idea, it was actually my boyfriend's idea...um, I'll just leave it there. 

fun lacquer diamond holo top coat review swatch

My idea or not, I got my hands on F.U.N. Laquer Diamond Holo Top Coat and I have to say I don't think I've ever seen so much sparkle in my life. The polish is made out of tiny silver specks that shift to every colour of the rainbow when they catch the light (artificial and sunlight). In shadow it slightly dulls the polish underneath making it less vibrant with a silver, almost pearly finish. I tried it out over two different colours to see whether it can really transform any polish into a holographic one. 

fun lacquer holo top coat swatch mint green

First I wanted to test this top coat over a vibrant colour. I chose Miss Sporty 544 which is a lovely mint green. I applied one layer of the holo top coat and I have to say I had to be very careful with the application otherwise it looked patchy. Can you see what I mean by the pearly look? I think even without the direct sunlight it looks stunning. 

rhinestones bps metallic holo fun lacquer top coat

However look at that sparkle when the polish catches the light! I got so many complements on this look. I added a few metallic lime green studs from bornprettystore.com. If you shop at bornprettystore.com for your nail supplies, feel free to use my discount code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout. 

fun lacquer holo swatch pearly white top coat

Next I decided to test this top coat over a white base (Collection French White). The reason behind it was that I really, REALLY wanted it to look like A England Cathy. Yeah, don't know where I got that from. Of course it doesn't so I think my next purchase is totally justified, right? <nervous laugh> I think you can tell even more what I mean about the pearly finish here. I think the effect is more visible because I'm wearing two layers of the holo top coat. I absolutely loved wearing this just on its own because it's so pretty. But then you step into the light and BAM!

fun lacquer holo top coat swatch sunlight review

I think two layers of the top coat make the polish reflect the light more seamlessly and it's definately more effective. Someone pass me my sunnies! 

I love the idea that I can turn every single polish I own into a holographic one in one minute! I picked up F.U.N. Lacquer Holo Top Coat from Rainbow Connection for £10.50. What do you think about this holographic top coat? Have you ever tried one? Xx


  1. Both version are rly pretty, even without sunlight :)

  2. Gorgeous sparkle indeed. Love the polish on white the best, it has a mermaid touch! :)

    1. Totally get what you mean, it's my favourite too! Xx