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Love Letters for Valentine's Day

I know it's been a bit mad here with the Valentine's Day designs, but I'm almost done, I promise! I just couldn't let this MoYou London Contest pass me by. If you don't know what I'm talking about, every month MoYou London hosts a nail art competition that usually involves using their stamping plates to create a specific design. This month the theme was Love Letters and I had just the plates to make it happen! Today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge theme is also Love Letters so I'm combining both. 

Nails stamping decals flowers scribbles moyou contest

I decided to go for a fresh look. First I applied a hand writing stamp from Pro XL 07 plate over a crisp white NYC Williamsburg Vintage. I then used Tropical 01 plate to create flower decals and arranged them around the scribbles. I then used my clear BPS stamper* (that I'm still testing) to apply hearts from Kitty 11 plate directly onto my nails. I sealed everything with two layers of Glisten&Glow HK Girl. 

vintage nails flowers hand writing valentines day

I am so happy with these! I don't do flowers often because the whole shading thing is so annoying but I'm more than happy to make decals. I don't know why I haven't thought of that before but I'll be sure to use it to my advantage in all the spring manis soon! 

flower valentine's day stamp decals love letters

What do you think? Fingers crossed I'm in with a chance! Xx

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