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Negative Space Nail Art for Nail Spec

To me, the negative space trend is designed to be worn during summer. It's almost as if you want to show a bit of naked nails just like you would uncover your legs on hot days! If I lived in a hot country, I'd probably wear this kind of design more often. But I live in England where 'summer' usually appears in a sentence starting with 'I remember 5 years ago we had a really lovely summer....'. So yeah, high temperatures may not be a given but alternatively you can just show the weather the finger and rock negative space nails anyway!

negative space nails tutorial mosaic free hand bright

I went with a mosaic pattern because I think that way it's very easy to incorporate as much negative space as you see fit. Also you really don't have to be that precise with it until the last stage so why not give it a go?! You can check out my tutorial here.

What do you think? Do you get hot summers where you live? Thanks for stopping by xx

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  1. These are beautiful :) I know what you mean it's suppose to be spring and all it seems to do at the moment is rain, stupid English weather my town is actually flooded right now x

    1. Thank you! Oh no, I hope you're ok! I live about 100m from a massive river and it was so high for the past few days that I'm constantly checking for flood warnings. Roll on summer!