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Review | Foxy 21 Gel Nail Polish

I have something different to show you today. I wanted to try gel nail polish FOREVER so when the lovely people from Foxy 21 asked me to review their products I was over the moon! I have had a few gel manicures before so I get how it works but believe it or not, I have never actually done it myself. As this is new to me, I'd love to hear what you have to say about the polishes I'm about to show you!

foxy21 gel polish at home manicure review LED

Foxy 21 is a brand that just launched in the UK and it has a new and improved formula compared with its predecessor who has been successfully shipped to at least 30 countries worldwide. I have to say I love the look of  the bottles. They look very professional and sleek! Each one contains 15 ml of polish. 

magnet foxy21 gel polish magnetic removal

This gel polish sets under UV and LED light. I used my LED lamp and had no problem with the curing. I was kindly sent a base and top coat*, a few different shades*, a magnet* and some removing pads*. Today I want to show you my 2 favourite polishes.

foxy21 1343 gel polish soak off red review

Let's start with this beauty. Number 1343* is a very bright and a rather raunchy red! It was very pigmented and I didn't have any problems with the application. I did find that there were a few tiny bubbles as I was applying the polish but they had disappeared once the polish was cured. The top coat made my manicure really glossy but it left a sticky residue that I removed with a lint free pad and an acetone free nail polish remover.

magnetic thermal hybrid cat eye purple holographic foxy21
Number 095 by Foxy 21 - thermal and cat eye effect when cold
Next up is a hybrid of a thermal polish and a cat eye effect (Number 095*). The polish shifts between grey (when warm) and purple (when cold). I assumed that since my hand was warm I needed to put my hand in cold water to see the colour change. Imagine my surprise when I did just that and nothing happened. I cleary have really bad circulation!

thermal grey purple gel polish magnetic cat eye
Number 095 by Foxy 21 - thermal and cat eye effect when warm
I think to fully appreciate the gradient effect you need to let your polish 'adjust' to the temperature of your hand. As soon as my polish was cured I immediately submerged my hand in a bowl with water. It did change colour but as my hand was getting cooler the colour shift became a bit blotchy. No wonder, I just got it from a hot lamp to room temperature to hot water again! As I was wearing it throughout the day it levelled itself out and the warm to cold change was a lot smoother and more gradual.

thermal colour change holographic gel polish review
Number 095 by Foxy 21 - a cold to warm gradient
The polish is full of scattered holo and it became a lot more obvious when I used a magnet to create a cat eye effect. All you need to do is hold it over the nail for 10 seconds just before curing the polish. It was a bit hard to capture it in the picture but when you move your nails you can see this cool 3D effect like a crystal ball!

holographic cat eye magnetic thermal gradient gel polish
Number 095 by Foxy 21 - a warm to cold gradient

The removal process was very easy. I used the pads provided and wrapped them around my nails for 10+ minutes. Once I took them off, the polish just flaked away and I lifted the stubborn bits with a hoof stick. 

I never realised that doing a gel manicure at home could be so quick and simple! I found this gel polish really easy to work with. I think for a first time using a gel polish I did alright! I'd love to hear what you guys think. Any tips for a beginner? 

You can purchase Foxy 21 gel polishes here.

See you soon xx

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  1. Have just discovered Foxy 21 and was looking for a review before I purchased some of their products for myself and my clients. This has helped me decide to get some, thanks!