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Mixed Metallics for Nail Spec

The Sun might be out and warmer days are coming (here's hoping!) but that doesn't change the fact that sometimes you might not want the weather to dictate what shade of polish to put on. I know, shocker! What if the world says 'Spring' equals 'pastels' but you just really want to show the world the finger and rock some black nails with metallic accents? Well, what can I say, you've come to the right place! 

damask metallic elegant free hand pattern egdy nails

I have created this mixed metallics nail art for Nail Spec as a welcome break from all the cute designs I've done recently. These can be achieved in 6 easy steps. You can find the tutorial and all the products info over at Nails Spec's blog.

pattern silver rose gold metallic damask nail tutorial

What do you think about this design? I'm not really one for mixing metals but I've been obsessing over stacked bracelets with different metallic finishes recently so I translated that onto my nails! 

However, if you're in the mood for some Spring soft shades, check out my Spring Florals Tutorial. 

See you soon xx


  1. Love your inspiration for these nails and I really like the finished look. I need to be more bold with my nail art.

    1. Thank you, I just needed a break from all the cuteness! X