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A England Russian Soul | Katyusha

a england katyusha swatch metallic gold olive holographic

As I promised in my previous post, today I'm sharing with you my favourite shade from the new A
England Collection, Russian Soul. Say hello to Katyusha*

'Katyusha* is the most popular Russian war song about a girl longing for her beloved and the pet name for Ekaterina, one of the most popular female names.'
A England 

indie nail polish metallic gold shimmer natural light

I got a bit carried away with snapping pictures so prepare yourself! You can't really blame me because this is the most gorgeous shade I've ever seen. Period. The colour is quite hard to describe. In my opinion, it's a metallic shade that shifts between very pale gold and olive green. It's a holographic polish but in natural light/shade it's more of a shimmer.

a england katyusha swatch furious filer natural light

However, reach out your hand to the Sun or any form of artificial light and BAM! Holo everywhere! The consistency and formula are much like Kalinka's*, very easy to work with. However, as always, I'm very careful with my application of metallic shades to avoid visible brush strokes. 

katyusha a england russian soul swatch holographic metallic

holographic swatch katyusha a england close up review

Katyusha* is one of three polishes from the Russian Soul Collection that have a similar metallic finish and formula. We've already seen Kalinka*, a silver metallic, which means there's one more shade to go! Will I be showcasing it tomorrow? Pop in and find out! Xx 

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*This product was provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Omg omg this polish is totally amazing.
    Your pictures capture the shift perfectly.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you so much, Vicky! I'm so in love with this shade! Xx