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OPI Softshades 2016 Pastels | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

Think 'OPI', what comes to your mind? Leading in nail care? Professional looking nails you can do at home? Salon finish? My experience with OPI has always been fab and these were certainly my thoughts. Until I tried the Softshades Pastels Collection, that is.

opi softshades pastels review furious filer delicate swatches

Today I want to show you 4 out of the 6 shades you can find in this collection. They are all creme pastels with a very delicate hint of colour. The shades are very pretty and delicate but the application process was super annoying. The polish went on very streaky as if it wasn't mixed properly. Each colour required 3 coats to be fully opaque. Let's have a look.

It's In The Cloud

opi it's in the cloud creme swatch review

A very nice off white. I'd describe it as an ivory shade and that hint of colour takes away the 'harshness' that a pure white polish has. It's perfect as a nail art base or to wear on it's own because it's very subtle. 

Stop It I'm Blushing!

opi stop it i'm blushing peach pastel swatch

opi softshades pastels peach creme swatch furious filer

This is my favourite shade out of all 4. It's a pretty peach colour and it makes my hand look very delicate. It's very sophisticated and therefore work appropriate in my book. Unfortunately, my bottle had a brush with strands sticking out which made the application extra streaky. I applied a layer of top coat to level it out.  

It's a Boy!

opi it's a boy swatch baby blue

opi baby blue it's a boy softshades pastels

This polish only required 2 thick coats to be fully opaque and the formula was a bit nicer. I don't know why blue always makes my hands look more tanned than they are! I think the colour is a bit more striking when it's on the nail compared to the bottle but I still really like it. 

I Am What I Amethyst

opi i am what i amethyst lilac purple

opi i am what i amethyst swatch lilac

What a beautiful shade! The lavender hue makes this polish very unique to me however as there were bits sticking out of my brush again, I had to apply top coat to make it look even. 

I think the colours in this collection were not only perfect for Spring but also Summer weddings. For that occasion I created a delicate floral design. Yes, I did florals. Not very well, I might add but you know what, I don't care! I saw this kind of design done by Megan from Snowglobe Nails some time ago and I thought one day, when my flower painting skills improve, I'll give it a go. They haven't, but I did it anyway!

pastel floral nail art opi softshades pastels wedding

I'm not going to deny, I'm disappointed with this collection. Yes, the shades are beautiful but the streakiness is not something I would expect from OPI. Don't get me wrong, we all know I'm impatient so 3 coats to opacity is always going to be a hard pill to swallow. However, that I can deal with if only the formula wasn't so difficult to work with. 

Do you remember my review of the OPI set that included Orleans Collection? Well, OPI Softshades Pastels were part of another set that I got from my boyfriend. It also included Original and Nude Nail Envy, a cosmetic bag, Avojuice lotion and Avoplex cuticle oil. All for something like 34 quid (I don't remember exactly) from QVC. The price, I think we can agree, was insane for the value of the set. However if it wasn't for all these extras, this package would be sent back. For the sake of my sanity I can't see myself dealing with the formula again!

opi stop it i'm blushing floral delicate nails

What do you think about the colours? Have you tried the Softshades Pastel collection yet? Xx

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