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ABC Challenge: G is for Glass Nails

Oh look, I'm late for another ABC Challenge. Whaaaat??! I know right, that's like, SOO out of character. I received this glass paper* from Born Pretty Store a while ago and since last week's prompt was the letter 'G' I decided it was time to test it out.

festival shattered glass boho pattern nude nail art


The paper is about 5cm wide and 65cm long. Definitely plenty to play around with! It's red but it shifts between green and orange depending on the angle. I'm actually not a fan of the colour change, mostly because I don't like green and orange combination and because it was not obviouos from the product pictures.

glass shell mutlicolour paper nail decoration review furiousfiler
Colour shift in BPS glass paper
The paper is very thin, smooth and quite easy to work with. It resembles foil so it's just a bit fiddly as you can probably imagine. I had a play around with it and I'm pleased to say that it doesn't stick out at all once you add a top coat nor does it shrink or crack. The triangles I cut it into are relatively small so I didn't think that would be a problem anyway. Still, it's good to know! The removal process was very easy. I used my usual nail polish remover and there was no scrubbing involved. 


I think with all the festivals going on at the moment I was trying to channel the boho vibe with the nude shades and patterns. Then I thought it was all a bit bland so why not add a bit of foil?! It's perhaps not the typical pairing but I kinda like it! I cut the glass foil* into triangles and stuck it onto a wet polish using a hoof stick. I then drew the patterns using a dotting tool and a striping brush. I sealed the design with a layer of top coat.

Polishes: Barry M Skinny Dip, HJ Manicure Coco*, Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat
Tools: Winstonia Striping Brush, Leighton Denny Hoof Stick, a dotting tool
Extras: BPS Glass Paper*

summer nails foil glass paper review festival boho

Don't forget that you can get 10% off at checkout when you use my code SXL91 at bornprettystore.com. What do you think about my design? Are you going to any festivals this summer? Xx


  1. Wonderful color shift and the nail art is fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I like the shift I just wish it wasn't orange-green!

  2. fabulous colours. Just right for summer. It would be perfect for holidays.