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'Ard as Nails: Colour Shift Collection

How do you feel about colour shift polishes? I have been totally mesmerised by them ever since I tried ILNP 'Cameo' and there is a long list of shade shifters that I really want to try. So today I am super excited to show you a whole Colour Shift Collection by 'Ard as Nails as it's full of sparkle and just general gorgeousness.

'ard as nails colour shift collection macro review

The entire collection is meant to be worn as toppers over a black (or dark) base. I recommend a very opaque black polish to cut down on drying time as these toppers need 2 coats to cover your base colour. There are 6 polishes all together. Apart from the fact that they change colour, the first 3 polishes I'm about to show you also have a flakie finish. I'd describe the other 3 as having more of an oil slick look.

Let's start with Amie*. This is a beautiful blue and violet polish that covered my black base in 2 easy coats. I had nail art plans for this one but, shamefully, my mother stole it. I love the flakie finish of this polish, it twinkles like snow and makes me want to sing 'Let it go'. Nobody wants to hear that though, so let's move on to the next shade!

'ard as nails colour shift collection amie flakies

Vicky* is in fact my favourite shade from this collection. It's primarily green and gold but it also leans towards pinky/orange depending on the light. It's a stunner and somehow it reminds me of a dragon. Again, 2 coats were enough to cover the dark base.

'ard as nails colour shift vicky multichrome swatch

Fearne* has a strong pink base but it also leans towards yellow/rusty/rose gold. It's gorgeous! It feels very luxurious and the colours remind me of a spice market. This was 2 easy coats over a black base.

'ard as nails colour shift flakies gold fearne swatch

Noelle* is a dark turquoise with a strong shift towards pink and purple. It looks like an oil slick on your nails and it's stunning. As always with this kind of finish, I would recommend being careful with your application to avoid brush marks. This is 2 coats over a black polish.

'ard as nails colour shift noelle oil slick swatch

Emma* is primarily a green polish that shifts to ink purple and blue just at the edges of your nails. It reminds me of mermaids and I love the slick finish. Here I'm wearing 2 coats over a black shade.

'ard as nails emma colour shift green oil slick

It's not news that I love a good purple polish and this one is ticking all the boxes. Sarah* has a kind of electric blue base that shifts to warm pink, raspberry and just a bit of orange. It's a stunner! Here I'm wearing 2 coats over a black base.

'ard as nails colour shift purple sarah swatch

This has become one of my favourite collections I've ever tried. The formulas are really easy to work with. The fact that the actual colour shift is so strong in every polish is just one of the reasons why I love this range. Very often with these kind of polishes I find that although it looks like they change to a million different colours in the bottle, once they are on your nails, they look a bit...flat. Not with this collection! Do you have a favourite?

The Colour Shift Collection can be purchased directly from Soap Dodger as small (4.5ml) and medium (10ml) bottles.

*The products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. These colours are fabulous. Especially if you're going somewhere special. There's a colour for any outfit. I can't pick a favourite I love them all.