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How to: Decals on the Uber Chic Mat

I have recently realised I am super behind with so many reviews so today's post will feature some stencils that Born Pretty Store sent me about 5 thousand years ago. They are meant to be applied directly onto the nail but I decided to try it out with my Uber Chic Mat and create decals. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! I also added a little step by step guide. I explain it all below.

triangle geometric grey pattern nail art futuristic

First, let's talk pattern. Actually, that's probably a bad idea as pattern is my favourite kind of nail art so I can talk for England! I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I'm not promising anything! So for this particular design I used 2 stencils from the picture below. As I said before they are from Born Pretty Store and they currently retail at $1.69. There are 10 full nail stencils in a packet and they feature 3 different patterns. For this design I chose the triangles.

bps stencils vinyls full nail sheet geometric review


Cirque 'Page Six' - Collection 'Carribean Crush' - Models Own 'Sarong Wrap' 'Beach Bag' 'Turquoise Gloss'

uber chic mat decals tutorial how to alternative

Step 1. Apply the stencil on your silicone mat making sure it sticks well.
Step 2. In straight lines, apply 2 different nail polish shades on your stencil, covering about half of your pattern.
Step 3. Repeat the process until you cover your entire pattern.
Step 4. Using a stamping scraper remove the excess polish as soon as your stencil is fully painted.

TIP: This step is not essential and you can move straight to the next step. However if you don't scrape the excess polish off, remember that your pattern will take longer to dry.

Step 5. Remove your stencil to reveal your colourful pattern.
Step 6. Repeat the process as many times as you need. I used 2 stencils per hand for this design.

Um, but hold on, how do you get your little triangles off your mat and onto your nails? Easy peasy. Just wait for your pattern to dry completely, lift one triangle at a time with your hoofstick and apply to your nails. Press lightly to secure it in place and apply a top coat. Ta dah!

stencil decal triangle geometric nail design colourful delicate

I am also rather sneakily using this design as an entry to the weekly ABC Challenge. Have you heard of the ABC Challenge that I am talking part in? It's run by the super talented Emiline behind Nail Polish Society and every week we post a design that corresponds with a certain letter of the alphabet. This week it's all about the letter 'P' and so I did  'pattern'. You can join in anytime and if you need to know more about it, check out this blog post.

Have you tried any silicone mats? I wonder if they differ in any way...either way, I don't know how I managed without mine!? I've had it for about 10 months and I have to say I'm not missing the polish stains on my table. Xx


  1. So pretty and j love the idea of creating some little nail polish add on's using the vinyls and mat. The final design is gorgeous.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you Vicky! I love that there's an alternative out there because full nail vinyls are just such a pain! Xx

  2. So pretty! I love how the bright colors stand out against the gray background.

    1. Thank you! It's one of my favourite greys <3

  3. What a clever and great alternative to using nail vinyls!! Thank you!! Also, the step about using a stamp scraper - perfect!! I love the colors you used and how you put your pattern together too!!

    1. Thank you:) Yay! I'm so glad you found it useful! I just love making the most of what I got :) xx