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31 Day Challenge: Jigglypuff

The more I look at it, the more I wonder whether you can tell what's on my nails without looking at the title? Or perhaps you already looked and still have no clue? Let me give you a little clue...*clears throat*...'Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em aaaaall!'. You guessed it, today's design for 'inspired by supernatural' features Pokemon!

Pokemon furious filer negative space nail art neon

You might or might not know, Jigglypuff's 'power' was singing people to sleep hence the microphone on my pinky. I'm not even going to discuss how nerdy that sentence was. Swiftly moving on! At least it was a great excuse to use the bright pinky/peachy Color Club shade (swatched here) given that summer is long gone now.

Pink Kawaii cute nail art Pokemon anime


Beauty UK Gun Metal - Color Club Hot Hot Hot Pants* - MoYou London Black/White Knight - OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys - Barry M Aloha

This turned out to be quite a fun prompt for me. What do you think about this design? You might want to google what jigglypuff looks like in case you weren't a child through the Naughties or/and you're not a nerd!


  1. So. Adorable! I always thought jiggly puff was e of the cutest Pokemon. I love how the microphone cord trails throughout the mani, it really ties it together.

    1. Thank you, I was so worried people would have no idea what I was tiring to do! Xx