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31 Day Challenge: Formula 1

The flag prompt day is finally here and it's the one I've been dreading the most. I've had my idea ready but when it came to executing it, I got yet another chance during this challenge to question my sanity. I mean seriously, who in their right mind chooses to DRAW a checkered design?! In my defence, I was sure I had a plate with that pattern. I was wrong. 

Checkered flag formula 1 f1 nails furious filer

The inspiration for today's design came from the Formula 1 flag. I enjoy watching it and to be honest, it's one of a few sports that doesn't bore me stiff. I took me *a few* attempts to get the pattern right...ish but honestly I just couldn't face doing it again. I painted a Mercedes sign over a metallic base, which I thought would resemble a popular car shade well. 

Mercedes sign silver metallic sport f1 chrome racing

Barry M Black - Barry M White - Wah London Love My Team* - Beauty UK Olympic Silver

What do you think? Do you like watching F1? I'm so glad this prompt is over and done with! Let's not do that again. See you tomorrow xx

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