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31 Day Challenge: Orange Nails

Someone tell this girl that holding a bottle of orange polish doesn't count as 'orange nails'! Don't worry, there IS orange there, but it's hidden ;)

hand pose long fingers black holographic polish furious filer

The thing is, I don't really like orange. Wanna know how much? Blogger's orange button annoys me, so there, that much. It's my least favourite colour and sure, I'd happily rock some pastel orange (see my design for this prompt from last year) or maybe a coral orange but that's probably where I draw the line. Still rules are rules, so TA DAH, there's the hidden orange bit!

christian louboutin nail trend designer stylish furious filer

I used Danglefoot Polish 'Higitis Figitis*' on top and China Glaze 'Flip Flop Fantasy'* underneath, both featured in MeeBox in the past year. I've never really done this kind of design before but I suppose you could call it a spin on the Louboutin nail trend.

christian louboutin black holographic orange nails undernail

Did I get away with it? I'd say so! See you tomorrow for a much more appealing yellow prompt. Xx


  1. These are amazing :) they would be perfect for Halloween xx

    1. Thank you! Oh totally, I didn't think of that! I'm making a mental note:) xx

  2. These are so cool! I love the twist of putting orange on the back instead of red.

  3. Love love love! These are stunning & I seriously now wish I had orange unders to my nails.
    Vicky xx