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31 Day Challenge: Stone Inspired Water Marble

I don't do water marble very often, but when I do, you bet it's going to be stone inspired! One of the reasons I love this technique is because you can tweak the pattern until you're happy with it. Yeah, that's about it. The rest is a nightmare which is just what everybody expects from water marble!

Water marble stone agate #31dc2016  metallic furious filer

I started with my base, A England Cathy, which is just gorgeous. I then used Models Own Chrome Mauve and a clear polish to create water marble.

Gemstone  water marble Geode agate a England Cathy

I'm in love with the fine lines I managed to create. I say managed, because it was totally accidental. I started swirling the metallic and clear polish in my cup of water but I got a bit carried away and everything started separating. I know, I'm such a pro at this! Anyway, I thought I'd made a booboo but it resulted in these thin lines that reminded me of an agate or something so I decided to keep it. A good choice, if I do say so myself!

nail art macro water marble beauty blogger furious filer

If stone designs are your thing, have a look at my glittery geode manicure. Ten days to go, people. TEN DAYS! :D