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31 Day Challenge 2016 Round Up

The 31 Challenge is officially over. FINALLY! I decided to do a little round up post because I think I need to have all the designs in one place just to believe that I actually did it. I linked all the pictures to the relevant blog posts in case you missed any or want to find out all about the products I used. Let's have a look!

Mother of pearl  paper drag marble cat's eye effect  DAY 4: Green Stripe                    DAY 5: Blue Dry Marble                 DAY 6: Violet Cat's Eye Effect 
Black and white metallic video tutorial nimbus technique nail art
     DAY 7: Black and White             DAY 8: Metallic Leaves (Video Tutorial)       Day 9: Rainbow  
Delicate nude gradient 3D polka dots note book nails
     DAY 10: Delicate Gradient              DAY 11: 3D Polka Dots                    DAY 12: Back to School
Snake skin nails Pantone colours 2016 serenity rose quartz
     DAY 13: Snake Skin                         DAY 14: Pantone Flowers                 DAY 15: Delicate Print
Honeycomb rodarte glitter cuticles lace collars nails
     DAY 16: Geometric                          DAY 17: Glitter Cuticles Trend         DAY 18: Lace Collars
Metallic water marble Galaxy Autumn fall nail art
     DAY 19: Night Sky                            DAY 20: Metallic Water Marble       DAY 21: Autumn Leaves
Colouring book doodles aw16 trends florals nail art
    DAY 22: Oriental Design                     DAY 24: Colouring Book               DAY 25: AW16 Florals
tartan jumper pattern formula 1 New Zealand silver fern
     DAY 26: VB Tartan                              DAY 27: NZ Silver Fern                   DAY 28: Formula 1
Pokemon jigglypuff nail art coffee pattern pumpkin spice
      DAY 29: Jigglypuff                                                          DAY 30: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Do you have a favourite design? I can't really choose just one, but it's between...no, I can't even narrow it down, they're all my babies! I definitely had a few 'furious moments' during the past month, but I actually really enjoyed the challenge this year. I tried a few techniques I haven't done for a while and I had an epiphany about hand painted manicures. Apparently, they don't take ages to do like I previously thought. Let's face it, knowing that you have one day to come up with a design will give you that attitude! Did you take part this year? 


  1. Wow, that's such a lot of stunning mani's. My faves are the gold cuticnail art & the oriental ones. Those are stunning. However your pumpkin spice latte is gorgeous, I've tried recreating it with no luck!
    Vicky xx

  2. I love the night sky and pumpkin spice best. You've done so many great mani's it's hard to choose. That black and white one too stands out to me.