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My Day at Olympia Beauty 2016

Have you heard about Olympia Beauty? It's an annual trading event for everyone interested in nails but also makeup and skin care amongst many things. I found out about it a bit too late last year, just as I was really getting into nails, and I vowed to see what the event is all about next time. And by vowed I mean, I literally booked my ticket as soon as they were available and marked the date in my calendar. Yeah, I was just a *tiny* bit keen.

olympia beauty 2016 review trading event furious filer

I decided to attend the first day of the (two-day) event which took place on the 2nd of October in London. I'd hoped to take a train early in the morning but it was cancelled so I spent an hour of my Sunday morning, sitting on a cold metal chair, waiting (praying) there would be some sort of train update. Instead, the only update I got was not to cross the train tracks to catch a Pokemon.

Once I eventually got there, the place was heaving! Every brand had its space with all the products, services and demos available. For the first hour, I had 'a quick' look around, snapped some pictures and talked to a few representatives. It was impossible to visit and have a look through products at every stall, mostly because there were so many of them and so many ladies with massive bags buying stuff in bulk (I'm assuming!). Not that I can blame them, the prices were a lot lower to those I've seen in the shops and online so it was definitely a great opportunity to stock up if you are a professional or an enthusiast.

inglot nail polish blogger olympia beauty 2016 report

cuccio nail polish olympia beauty 2016 furious filer

At about midday, I met up with my girl Bee and we had our manis done at the Faby stall. Bee is a part of a nail subscription box called MeeBox. I am their ambassador so I'm sure you've heard me banging on about it every time a new box gets through my letterbox. You can't really blame me, the stuff they come up with is amazing! In case you missed it, you can check out what was inside the latest Pumpkin Spice themed box HERE

faby nail polish olympia beauty event 2016

As I said, we got our nails done and I went for a gorgeous classic metallic red. For whatever reason, my phone says I have no pictures of it but I'm sure I took some. Technology! That reminds me if you are wondering why the pictures are not quite the same quality as usual, it's because I was using my compact camera at the event. Somehow, I just couldn't bear the thought of carrying a super heavy DSLR with me!

olympia beauty furious filer nails inc paint can

I picked up a few things from a few different brands and even received some samples. I really wish I bought more! I didn't account for the amount of products that I didn't even know I want and it all got too overwhelming for me. I can't believe I missed out on getting a Nails Inc Paint Can. I mean, it was right there in front of me! Next time, I'm definitely making a list beforehand.

olympia beauty furious filer cuccio faby morganr taylor

The first review of some of my goodies is coming next so watch this space! I'm really glad that I finally got to experience what this event was all about. I'm definitely booking my ticket for next year. I think from a blogger's point of view, it was really inspiring to be amongst such driven people who share my passion for nails. A special thank you to Bee for getting us an amazing manicure and for hanging out with me! Did you go to Olympia Beauty this year? I know some of you did and I wish we got to meet. You can find out all about the event HERE.

See you soon xx


  1. Oh it sounds like an amazing day out. I wish I'd gone now, but I'm not sure anyone I know would want to go. I'll def look at getting a ticket though.
    I'm interested to see your Cuccio nail colour review, those colours are so pretty.
    Vicky xx

    1. I really was! I'm so annoyed I didn't make a post about it, so all of the girls that were going could meet up. It would have been great to meet you in person! Nevermind, hopefully lots of other events coming up soon:) xx