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MeeBox Sugar Skulls: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

Isn't Halloween just soo yesterday? Um, no. You might have celebrated yesterday but it is in fact, on Monday. Just sayin'. Still, I hope you don't mind a few more creepy designs, especially when it features MeeBox! This month's theme is all about Sugar Skulls, which are a part of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. There is lots of colour, flowers and great tools. Let's face it, who wants a 'typical' Halloween box? Nobody!

Halloween sugar skulls sweet day of the dead

If you got to this point and you're like, what is this girl on about, let me clue you in. MeeBox is a UK monthly subscription box dedicated to nails only. Every month has a theme and corresponding polishes, accessories, tools and promo codes. The past themes included Pumpkin Spice, Boho and Rio. You can find out more about it here. Now, let's have a look at what's inside this month's box!

'Ard as Nails Taking a Dip RRP £3.50

Ard as nails taking a dip swatch blue furious filer

A bright vibrant blue with lots of silver and blue shimmer. I loved the formula, it was like silk! Here I'm wearing 2 coats for full opacity.

Deco Miami Miley Whats Good RRP £11.00

Bright neon pink deco Miami swatch miley whats good

A very juicy pink creme! The colour reminds me of one of my favourite pinks, Ciate Knickerbocker Glory. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and there is a slightly VNL. I think I might have needed another coat  for a full coverage.

Annika White Swan RRP £4.20

Annika white swan swatch the edge nails

I have recently reviewed a set of Annika polishes so I had high hopes for this white polish. I wasn't disappointed! The gloss it amazing, it really looks like gel. The formula was nice and I applied 2 thicker coats, but I think 3 thin ones would have been a better idea.

WAH London Nail Art Pen RRP £7.00

Wah London nail art pen Black review furious filer

I was really excited about this product because it's a 2 in 1! Apart from the nib ending that you can hold like a pen, there is also a striper brush once you unscrew the cap. It's a black nail art pen and I find the striper very easy to use. Although I think I need a bit more practice with the nib, I was quite impressed that the polish wasn't pouring out and the nib wasn't 'scratching' my nails.

Charlies Nail Art Flimo Flowers RRP £1.00

These are my first ever flimo accessories so I wasn't sure what to expect. They are thin slices of very mouldable material that give you an appearance of a 3D design. In this case, it's different kinds of flowers and I was super happy about that. Not only are they great for the Sugar Skulls theme, but they are also perfect if you can't be bothered with painting flowers.

Sugar Skull Nail Art

Sugar skulls day of the dead cross Halloween
Since the theme is Sugar Skulls, I had to try my hand at painting a skull. The MeeBox girls attached a few templates to have a go at and I combined some of them. I included the flowers, outlined my design with the WAH nail art pen and filled in the gaps with the 2 remaining shades and the nail art brush.

Halloween dia de los muertos sugar skull furious filer

I've never really done anything like it, especially with the 3D flowers and it was quite refreshing. Refreshing? Perhaps that's not quite the word I was looking for considering, you know, it's a dead skull, but you know what I mean!

Creepy Graveyard Nail Art

Creepy Halloween graveyard gradient Nails furious filer shadows

Who doesn't like a gradient and a creepy graveyard?! I'm pretty sure that's like the staple Halloween design. I was determined, for whatever reason, to prove to myself that I can create a typical Halloween design with the contents of this box. I don't know why, I think I just haven't done any this year and felt like it was my last chance.

Halloween scary cementary grave twilight ghost nails trees

Macro Halloween gradient nails creepy tree sugar skull

So what did you think about the box and my designs? I loved the theme! It wasn't your orange-purple-green palette and yet it was perfect for this time of year. I think this has been my favourite box so far and it featured FLOWERS! Hey, as long as I don't have to paint them...

See you soon xx


  1. Lovely review and as always your nail art is stunning. I love the graveyard nails & your skull is super cute!
    Vicky xx