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Cirque 2016 Holiday Collection

Well, this is just simply not on. It's about a week until Christmas and this is my first Christmas post! It's my favourite time of the year and believe me when I say that I crammed just about as many candles, Christmas trees, wreaths, fairy lights, baubles and festive cushions as I could into my one bed flat. Unfortunately, with a relatively new job, college, breaking my laptop AND iPad and now the news that my parents are coming for Christmas (cue mad cleaning spells), blogging just had to take a step back. But not to worry, I still have a few days left to show you all the festive designs I've been doing meanwhile.

christmas cirque collection review furious filer flakes metallic

Let's start with the absolutely stunning 4 piece collection* from Cirque. We have holo, metallic and flakies so pretty much every kind of sparkle you need this time of the year. My absolute favourite has to be Idyllic*. It's an ice cold blue shade made out of blue and silver flakes so it has that cool 'rough' metallic look. I call it the chocolate wrapper effect. It is stunning! It sometimes reflects purple as well and it's just perfect for a winter themed manicure. I think you could get away with 2 thicker coats but I am wearing 3 coats and a top coat. 


cirque idyllic swatch blue metallic christmas nails furious filer

cirque 2016 holiday collection chrome metallic micro flakes

cirque idyllic macro swatch blue metallic furious filer

I kind of underestimated this next beautiful wine shade if I'm honest. I just thought it was going to be your typical Christmas red with a bit of sparkle...until I put it on my nails. Wow, there is a serious amount of holo packed into this polish and the formula is fantastic. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.  


cirque ambrosia swatch furious filer christmas nails

cirque ambrosia swatch macro holographic christmas nails

If you are into your nails then you must by now know that Halcyon* is one of Cirque's most iconic polishes. Metallics are still so popular and if like me you love rose gold then trust me, you need this one. The formula and finish were exactly like Idyllic* but this time I applied 2 thicker coats + a top coat and it seemed to do the trick! 


halcyon swatch cirque furious filer gold rose metallic

cirque rose gold metallic micro flakes christmas nails

cirque halcyon macro furious filer swatch rose gold metallic

I LOVE the fact that Cirque went for a mint green as opposed to a forest green for their Christmas Collection. It's so refreshing to see and it still fits beautifully with the theme because you need glasses for the amount of sparkle coming your way. Winter Bloom* has a tonne of flakes suspended in a pale green jelly and it has a slightly blue/purple reflection. I am wearing it on its own so as you can see, it builds up well. I applied 3 coats but you really, you can get away with 2. I sealed the polish with a layer of top coat.


cirque winter bloom swatch furious filer flakes mint

cirque winter bloom mint flakes christmas party nails

cirque holiday collection 2016 winter bloom macro furious filer

All the shades above retail at $13 and can be purchased directly from Cirque or via international stockists. What did you think about the collection? Do you have a favourite? I have to say, I'm not a blue kinda gal but somehow, I am drawn to Idyllic*. Stay tuned for festive nail art featuring this polish next week!

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*Products featuring in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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