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Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

valentine's day sweet glam nails ideas metallic tutorial furiousfiler

Believe it or not, in 3 years of running this blog I have never done a nail art wheel, not even to practice. To do a design once is usually quite enough for my extemely limited patience levels, thanks a lot! Still, with Valentine's Day fast approaching I decided to put together a few designs if you're stuck for inspo this year.

I've had this idea to mix & match pastels with black and gold for I don't even know how long. It's definitely not your typical V-day colour combo but I love it. Glam and sweet at the same time, works for me!

valntine's day lace glam sweet nails metallic furious filer

Lace Gradient

I used Kure Bazaar Fuji* and Macaron* for the gradient and stamped it with a lace pattern from Bundle Monster XL-201 plate*. Click here for a full review of the plate.

Heart Tip

I used a brush that came with Cirque Halcyon* to create the heart shape. I then added a heart shape outline on top using a striping brush.

Love Dotticure

This one is probably my favourite. I used a white polish and a dotting tool to create a heart shape. I then filled in the gaps with black and copper polishes. The base is Kure Bazaar Fuji*.

valentine's day heart glass paper nail art furious filer


Quickest technique ever! Apply your base (Kure Bazaar Macaron*), grab hold of a white polish and wipe all the excess off on the bottle neck, until the brush is almost dry. Without pressing too much, apply the brush from top to bottom and across the nail. Repeat the process with black and copper polishes. I also added a heart stud from Born Pretty Store.

Glass Heart

You would think that for a minimalistic design, this was pretty quick, right? Nope! It took me ages to cut ALL FIVE glass paper bits. I know, the struggle is real. I almost quit at number three, but I had to go on because, ya know, I'm such a pro. The shiny paper is a glass paper* from MeeBox. The design was inspired by this design by Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All. 

valentine's day sexy edgy nail art furious filer


Make sure your base is wet and apply random blobs of polish. Just be sure everything is dry before you apply top coat to avoid smudging your design like me!

Sheer Hearts

Let's finish off with something sexy, shall we? I created the hearts using a dotting tool and outlined the nail with a striping brush. You can find a tutorial on how I create a sheer design, including my own version of a sheer polish, here

Do you have a favourite design? Mine has to be the dotted heart. So simple yet so effective! If you're in the mood for something red this Valentine's day, make sure you have a look at my Galentines MeeBox post for some classic nail art.

Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? I'll be travelling literally the whole day so not quite the romantic picture from Hollywood films!