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Cirque Colors: Kawaii Collection and Rebrand

citrque kawaii collection review swatches holo furious filer

The new release from Cirque is here and I for one am excited as hell. The Kawaii Collection is described as full of spring colours and sparkle, with a dash of sarcasm. I think we can agree if there ever was a collection made for me, this is it?!

Cirque is known for incorporating modern twists into their polish lines and the 10 shades I'm about to show you prove it. They are not all squishy pastels but instead they look fun, fresh and there are a few combinations that I haven't seen before.

cirque colors top coat liquid laminate nail care

As well as the new release, the brand has also had a makeover. The packaging changed from black to cream and we lost the trademark on the bottles in favour of just the brand's name. The actual bottle shape and size are the same but the volume has changed from 13.2 ml to 11 ml. The good news is that apart from being cruelty free and vegan, the polishes are now also 4 free. The formula still remains amazing though.

I received a few nail care products as well and in all the swatches I am wearing Cirque's Liquid Laminate top coat. Now, let's have a look at the collection.


cirque colors memedom swatch teal holo furious filer

I'm not starting with my favourite shade this time, because I simply can't choose! So, here is one of them, Memedom*, a teal blue holo with a pale gold reflection. The gold kinda makes it look 'milky' and it's absolutely stunning. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.


cirque colors happy monday swatch violet holo furious filer

Gotta love a good violet! This beautiful shade has a great formula and is opaque in 2 coats. It has holographic particles and a strong blue reflection. Swatched here with a layer of top coat.


cirque colors killer kitsch swatch kawaii furious filer

A very juicy red holo with maybe just a slight hint of orange and a purple reflection. The formula is absolutely spot on. Here I'm wearing two coats and a top coat.


cirque colors vaporwave swatch kawaii furious filer

I think 'blurple' is the best way to describe the colour of this polish. It has a purple reflection and it's stunning! The formula is the same as in the previous 3 polishes. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat.


cirque colors shiny swatch metallic holo silver

This is one stunning, unusual shade. The formula and finish are very much like Cirque's iconic Halcyon but it also contains holographic particles. I'm so annoyed with myself that I didn't manage to capture it. You just have to take my word for it! This is 2 coats and a top coat.


cirque colors 24k affair swatch gold metallic holo

Same story with this beautiful yellow gold shade. A true metallic polish with a dusting of holo. Swatched here with a layer of top coat.


cirque colors star child swatch turquoise holographic opal flakies

This is just gorgeous and the turquoise is very vibrant. I love the combination of the blue base and gold and opal flakes. Giving that it's basically just glitter and flakies suspended in jelly, the formula wasn't as tricky as you would imagine. However, this is the only polish from this collection that required 3 coats to opacity. I am also wearing a layer of top coat. I thought it might need 2 coats but the polish isn't as 'hungry' as I thought.


cirque colors crystal tokyo glitter flakies topper top coat

This glitter topper is kinda insane. I am not particularly into toppers but I didn't expect this explosion of colours and shapes! We have small and large round glitter, hexagonal glitter and electric blue flakies. And the best part? This is one coat over a black base. One coat! No fishing for glitter, no dabbing. Swatched with a layer of top coat.


cirque colors lolly lips swatch pink holo flakes

A juicy pink packed with holo and holo flakies. The formula and application are excellent. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat. 


kawaii cirque colors qt kitty swatch purple holographic flakes

I saved the best for last! Isn't this just the most gorgeous polish ever?! The formula and application are the same as in the polish above but the flakies just pop against the darker base! 2 easy coats and a top coat.

The Kawaii Collection is out now. A lot of these shades are limited edition so if you like the look of any *cough* all of the colours, I would act fast if I were you. You can purchase the collection directly from Cirque or from Rainbow Connection, if you are based in the UK.

So what are we thinking about the Kawaii Collection?


  1. As I was scrolling through this post I was like 'love, love, love it, love it more, gorgeous' - seriously all these colours are amazing. Your swatches as always give me ASMR and I'm still loving that topcoat over seeing your IG post!
    Vicky x

    1. Awh, thank you! This collection really is stunning, needless to say my mother has her eyes now on more than just that topper... #allthatglitters

  2. Beautiful colors. Especially the last one is amazing :)