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MeeBox Femme Fatale Review + Unistella Inspired Nail Art

meebox femme fatale review furious filer ncla

Slick colours, bad ass theme and products from a celebrity endorsed brand? It must be MeeBox!

I am assuming that you found your way to this blog because you love nails and if that's the case, do yourself a favour and check out MeeBox if you haven't already. This nail subscription box is perfect for trying out new brands and pushing yourself with nail art. And lets not forget that it would make a perfect gift for a certain date in December. Too early? My neighbour put up a tree last weekend so....yeah.

This time the theme was Femme Fatale with all the cool af goodies provided by NCLA. Lets start with the swatches!

NCLA Back to Black*

ncla back to black swatch meebox femme fatale review

A nice creamy formula and pretty opaque for a black polish, almost a one coater. Here I'm wearing two coats and a top coat.

NCLA Rush Hour*

ncla rush hour swatch red meebox furious filer review

I love how this creamy red works with my skin tone. I got lots of compliments when I wore it. that's right guys, I actually painted BOTH hands. Here I'm wearing two coats and a top coat.

NCLA Ask The Magic 8 Ball*

ncla ask the magic 8 ball swatch white review

It's a crisp white almost opaque in one coat. Hands up who else checks every white polish for stamping? Just me then... Well, this one is a teensy tiny bit too faint for my liking but a good white nonetheless. Two coats and a top coat.

NCLA Femme Fatale Glass Nail File*

I think glass files are a genius invention and no one will ever convince me otherwise! Ever since I started using one I could really tell the difference in my nails. They've stopped splitting and I can file them down much quicker. From a practical point of view the fact that you can wash and sanitise them is just a huge bonus. I love the extra touch with the knife drawing on this one. 

NCLA Leather & Lace Nail Wraps*

ncla glass file wraps lace leather review

I feel like MeeBox couldn't have picked better designs (yes, we got two sets!) for this theme. I love the look of these nail wraps, sexy and feminine but edgy. What I love about NCLA wraps is that the cuticle line is just perfect. I have a slight OCD when it comes to cuticle lines, just ask any of my clients!

Unistella Inspired Nail Art

unistella inspired nail art black and white minimalist

Pretty much ever since I discovered Unistella aka Park Eunkyung I have been obsessed with her creations. I had this particular design saved in my folder for ages and since MeeBox featured black and white polish in this box I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to finally give it a go!

black and white b&w nail art unistella inspired furious filer

Black and white designs are my absolute favourite so this felt sooo me! I did get a few funny looks on the tube because of my mismatched hands (or was it > <) but most people who know me were really shocked...that I had both hands painted. What can I say, this is the life of a nail blogger! 

What do you think? Yay or nay? And what did you think of the box? Do you like NCLA? Let me know in the comments. Xx

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1 comment

  1. These nails look so badass hun! I adore monochrome nails & especially love the simplicity of this design. Had a peek at Unistella as well and OMG so much nail inspo! Will defo be bookmarking!

    Love Aysh xox