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Festival Nails: Neon Smoke Nail Art

smoke festival nail art neon furious filer

'Tis the season of festivals! I'm talking neon, I'm talking crisp white and of course, a bit of metallic. Sadly no Beyonce included.

Some time ago Edge Nails released a new collection created with a celebrity nail artist Amy G and I jumped at a chance to review a few products from the range. I opted for the fluorescent hot pink and purple powders* and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. The 'how'...well, that's a different story.

fluorescent powder neon amy g edge nails

As you may or may not know, smoke nail art has been pretty popular in the recent months so I decided to put my own spin on it. The design is usually done over a black base (and for a good reason, which I'll get to in a minute) using fluorescent powders amongst other things. If you have never seen it done before, take a look at Natasha Lee's video tutorial and all shall be revealed. And possibly explained a tad more coherently.

Now, if you watched the smoke nails tutorial then you know that you apply a little bit of white polish over the black base and dilute it with a remover to create a smoke effect. Well, it's a little bit tricky when your base IS white to begin with. If you think I came up with a clever idea to make it work, I didn't. I used the same technique of smudging the white polish, I was just working blind. I don't know what your idea of summer festival nails is, but for me neon paired with white is a no brainer so if it means winging it, then winging is what I will do!

smoke nail art festival nails embellishment

I applied the hot pink powder on my index finger and the purple one on my little finger. I mixed both together on my middle finger and added a bit of gold foil to all of them. The embellishment nail was inspired by Park Eunkyung aka Nail Unistella because I am obsessed with everything she does.

festival summer nails gold neon

I think the 'smoke' would look a little better if I used a gel polish but I love the neon and how these came out...even if everyone at work kept saying 'Oh, I love your flowers!'.

Check out the full range of the Edge Nails x Amy G collection here. What do you think? What are your go to festival nails?