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MeeBox Donuts | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox donuts review nail subscription box

Meebox's Donut edit prepares us for the bikini weather by putting sweet treats on our nails instead of into our mouths. This is the kind of girl support I need in my life.

As you may know, MeeBox is a UK nail subscription box designed to bring you bad ass nail goodies every month. This time, the theme is 'Donuts' so expect lots of sweet, squishy nail polishes and some confectionery like nail art extras. Let's have a look.

Deco Miami Cake

deco miami cake neon pink swatch

This colour is the bomb. It's a bright peachy pink, perfect for enhancing your tan (even my pale fingers)! I think you could get away with 2 coats but my brush was a little frayed which is why I think I had to apply 3 coats otherwise it looked a little streaky. Shown here with a top coat.

Little Ondine Ripple

little ondine ripple pastel mint swatch

A very pretty pastel mint. The formula was great and the application went without a hiccup. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a top coat. As this is a peel off polish you can remove it without a nail polish remover. Just give it time to set if you don't want a gloopy mess on you hands!

Kure Bazaar Cappuccino

kure bazaar cappuccino swatch nude

As the name suggests, it's a warm creamy nude. I am actually a huge fan of  Kure Bazaar polishes. They are non toxic and their colour range is huge. Last year, I created a really cute geometric design with a few of their pastel shades. Let's get back to the Cappuccino though. The formula was quite thin on the first coat but I actually got a full coverage in 2 easy coats. Shown here with a top coat.

Color Club Nail Art Pen 

color club nail art pen white review

I had no idea that Color Club did nail art tools but I'm so glad this one found its way to me. I am a huge fan of those 2 in 1 products for a couple of reasons. First, they are so much easier to use than faffing around with your own brushes and two, the paint is usually opaque enough so no need to search for (in this case) that perfect white. A win win. I used the striper end in the nail art at the end of this post.

Miss Cat Nails Nail Art Pearls

miss cat nail pearls nail art 3d

These pearls are a champagne-like shade and are a perfect sprinkle to add to your donut manicure. You might like your donuts plain (really?) but a few extra sprinkles never killed nobody! There are plenty in the pack to decorate all 10 fingers if that's your thing. Personally I think that because it resembles pearls, it would also be great for a delicate wedding design. Watch this space.

NCLA Sivan Ayla Donut Wraps

Not that great at hand painting? No biggie, who's got time to paint donuts anyway when you have nail wraps! These NCLA wraps feature 26 stickers in various sizes so you can give yourself a mouth watering mani at least a couple of times (depending on how long your nails are). Nail wraps are a bit of a struggle for me because of my curved nails but whatever, I still incorporate nail wraps into my manicures because they are cute and a great time saver. That is, until they beat me today...

Donut Glaze Nail Art

I knew there was no way I could use whole wraps on my nails, but a cute little half moon? That might just do. Or not. As you can probably tell, the stickers started peeling off around my cuticle and no matter what I did or how many top coats I applied, they were not staying on. 

donuts doughnuts nail art pastel sweet furious filer

Don't get me wrong, I love this design even if the more I look at it the more it resembles fried eggs. It was just a shame that I couldn't really keep it on for longer than a few minutes therefore I'm going to have to class it as a fail! Nevermind, I'll crack this whole nail wraps business one day.

donuts doughnuts drips nail art pastel

Still, am I the only one who's dribbling? I am not sure whether I just crave a donut or is it the fact that this box is worth £55.44 but was only 20 quid? HOW.

 What did you guys think about the box this month? Any tips for wrap application?

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  1. Oh cappuccino is stunning!! Regarding your wraps, have you tried using a clear stamper to place them on your nail?

    1. Ohhhh, you mean to press them down with a stamper? I haven't, that's a great suggestion though, I'll try it next time. Thanks! xx

  2. Absolutely love our MeeBox subscription and get excited every time it comes through. Great to see your designs using their products - the donuts are great!