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Last Minute NYE Nail Hacks for a Busy Girl

nye new years eve nail ideas

New Year's Eve is upon us and it's time for our nails to distract from the fact that we can't fit into our fabulous party outfits anymore after Christmas. Have you put your nails on the back burner and now you're panicking? Have you forgotten to book your appoinment? Can you just simply not paint nails as well as you wish you could? Seriously, you just need to practice...but now is not the time! Make that your New Year's resolution because no matter what you can still achieve an amazing set just in time for your party. 


Whether you prefer DIY kits or seek professional service, gel polish has taken the nail scene by storm and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. One of the best things about it is that it dries instantly, it stays on for a lot longer than normal nail polish and, when removed correctly, it doesn't leave any damage. Well, that's all great but it's New Year's Eve and you need your nails to be poppin'! I have one word for you: foil. It's quick to apply, comes in various colours and finishes and you can easily do both hands yourself.

gelish multi foil metallic nails furious filer

I opted for a bright Gelish Tokyo a Go Go base and applied gold, pink and blue foil to the sticky layer then finished it off with a Top It Off. Perfect party nails!

furious filer macro foil metallic nail art


OK, so you can't do gel and you forgot to book an appointment in a post-Christmas food coma. Now what?! Don't panic, just go for the most gorgeous, sparkly polish you own and rock it! In my case it's a recent addition to my collection, Taboo* by Wikkid. I got this magnetic polish in the Intergalactic themed December Meebox* and oh my ghaaad, every time I move my hand it's like I'm looking at the night sky. It's like nail polish and nail design in one! Here I'm wearing 3 coats. 

magnetic galaxy nail polish glitter swatch furious filer

I think the polish looks like a galaxy just by itself but I was being extra and added constellations and a star with a sprinkle of MeeBox Linda* multicoloured glitter.

galaxy contellation stars magnetic nail art meebox intergalactic

Don't forget to use a fast drying top coat and a finishing product unless you want people to question if wafting your hands in the air is your new dance move. Awks. I like to use Leighton Denny Miracle Mist spray and Orly Flash Dry Drops.


Maybe there was a last minute change of plans or maybe you've decided to pop that champagne just a tad sooner but either way, you need to be out the door by like, yesterday, and your nails are not done. We all know how painting nails goes in that scenario. Do yourself a favour and just DON'T. 

The best thing to do now is to choose wraps or press ons (if you want to add length) that are already painted so that you can just stick them on and you're good to go. There are plenty of metallic and classic looks on the market but I'm going to continue with the galactic theme because it's so perfect for NYE!

press on illustrated nail to the moon and back

These press ons are by the queen of intricate designs herself, Sophie Harris-Greenslade, and are called To The Moon & Back*. All you need to do is give your nails a bit of a buff, find the right sizes for all 10 nails and glue them on. All you need is provided in a box including a mini buffer/file. Although it may not be necessairily quicker than painting nails, at least once they are on they don't need to dry and you can get on with getting ready. 

If you rely on stick ons for your nail needs I would recommend investing in a pack of nail guards (such as Elegant Touch ones) to protect your nails from glue and over buffing during removal. 

Now that your nails are sorted I hope you'll have an amazing time showing them off! Happy New Year!

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