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Frozen 2: The Ultimate Winter Nail Art Inspiration

winter frozen nail art snowflake stars furious filer

Have you seen Frozen 2 yet? It's supposed to be a more mature sequel so I have used it as my inspiration to create classy winter nail art. But no spoilers, please!

As a base for this design I used Orly 'Lovella' which is a gorgeous, cool and slightly pink nude. I created the negative space pattern using the brush straight from the bottle. I added a squiggle of stars and snowflakes across two nails using a short striper brush. I'd recommend waiting a few minutes before applying a top coat to avoid smudging but I didn't (I know, shocking) so the whole thing got a teensy tiny bit smeared in places. Still, I like how it turned out!

frozen snow nude delicate nails furiousfiler

PS. Are you following me on Instagram? Make sure you check out my feed to see what nails I did for the Disney royalty, Idina Menzel for the London premiere of Frozen 2!

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