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About me

Who is Furious Filer?

Hi! My name is Marta and I'm a twenty-something girl who lives in London. A nail technician by day and a blogger by night (and daily commute).

Why a nail blog?

Would you believe it if I said I was never into nails and used to bite them pretty much all my life? I know, so why nails indeed. After I graduated university and my head was filled with 'science stuff ' I felt the need to be creative and paint. Do you know who can afford canvas? Hint, NOT students. So I started painting my nails, discovered the world of nail art and my mind has been blown ever since.

Why the name Furious Filer?

I am so happy that the 'beginnings' of nail art are behind me because, man, that was stressful! My hand was so shaky, I didn't have the right tools and I used to get so annoyed when I couldn't paint a design. Which was most of the time, lol! Six years down the line and I am a lot more experienced (and therefore chilled) but the name stuck!

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