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Always look on the bright side!

If you read my last post then you know I have a lot of varnishes I have never used. Well it's all about to change! Prepare yourself for some serious colour overload. NOTE: Not for the fainthearted. Or those who don't want impaired vision. You may say this is a bit bright as in omg-my-eyes-are-hurting bright...or you can look on the bright side (get it :p) and say it's NOTICEABLE, and let's face it who doesn't want their mani to be just that, right? Also did you know today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year? Pfff, not with this combo it isn't!

blue green ombre gold studs

This design is very different to what I originally envisioned, but this has been happening to me a lot recently. Anyways, this design is very simple. All I used were Ciate Hidden Gem, Miss Sporty 544 some studs I got from amazon.co.uk. To seal the studs in place I used a bit of top coat. 

To create the gradient effect I used a small part of a sponge, about the size of my nail. Keeping it small ensures that I don't make too much mess, even if I can't be bothered to sellotape the area around my nails to keep it clean. I prefer to use a bath sponge rather than a makeup one. My problem with a makeup sponge is that the varnish seems to be staying on top of it and when I try to apply it, it smudges on my nail rather than blends. A bath sponge absorbs that "excess" varnish but it comes out when I blend it on my nail. The only down side about it is that when I cut it into small chunks there is this "fluff" that sometimes may end up on my nail if I'm not careful.  But this only happens with a freshly cut sponge, so I cut the entire sponge in one go and problem solved:). 

I finished off with a top coat and that's it! Easy peasy.

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