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I know this may be a bit too much of a spring/summer thing but I felt like doing a fruit design. I only tried it once before but back then I didn't even know what a detail brush was so you can imagine how fun THAT was for someone with a bad temper. Either way I decided to try again and here's the result:

fruit red strawberries leaves vine

I have to say as annoying as these tiny designs are I'm getting much better at keeping my hand steady. Having a detail brush definitely helps too! But I think it also helps that I'm not being so hard on myself. The design doesn't ALWAYS have to be perfect...right? That's what I tell myself anyway so I don't lose it so often;)

For this look I used:
Ciate Amazing Gracie
Ciate Boudoir
Collection 15 Tropical Pink
Golden Rose Paris 151
Golden Rose Rich Color 70

I really like Ciate colours in general but I find that lighter shades need 3 coats otherwise the varnish looks a bit streaky. All the detailing is done with my new detail brush set. It's absolutely perfect for painting, miles better than a set I owned previously. However I struggle to clean them properly. I may need to do some research on that! Have you got any ideas?
I couldn't find the right green shade even though I have loads! So I chose 2 colours and to make sure light and dark green blended nicely together I mixed them before applying. I then added a few streaks of the lighter shade (Golden Rose Rich Color 70) on top of it. Hope you like it! 

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