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The story of my bloody life! Ever happened to you? Then you really need to try this dry brush technique. It so easy and quick and the best thing? All you need are some varnishes! I am still away from home and only have a bunch of tools and polishes so this technique is really up my street. It's perfect when you travel because there's no need for tools or even a good light and forget about being precise. Honesty just relax and enjoy because nothing can go wrong here as far as I am concerned. In my book that's prolonged life expectancy by at lest 2 years. Result!

I struggled to take the right shot because the design kinda makes your eyes go weird sometimes! But it does that in real life too so there you go. 

I went for bright colours here so it was important to use a white base coat to really make the colours pop. I used Barry M Matt White. It's really old and gloopy so it was a perfect way so get rid of if because you can't see it underneath all the colours and it's very opaque so you only need one coat. The lovely brights I used were Golden Rose Color Expert 48, Orly Harmonious Mess, Maybelline 20 Uptown Blue, Golden Rose Color Expert 87. I also wanted to use grey but didn't have it so I mixed some black and white varnishes and voila! The design on my ring finger is a stamp from MoYou Pro Collection XL and I can't believe I waited this long to use it! I coated the design with Golden Rose Color Expert 48 and 87 and mixed them around. I scraped the excess off, stamped it on and I think it looks messy but quirky, like I hoped it would look. I finished everything off with a coat to Seche Vite. I'm just loving this technique right now I'll deffo be using it again in the future!

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