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Pure Euphoria Swatches and Review

Do you know what is the worst thing that could happen when you want to try polishes sent to you for a review? A nasty flu. A flu? C'mon it's just painting nails, stop being such a wimp and get on with it! Well all those kind words of encouragement are trully awesome however if you want to review FRAGARANT polishes and you have tissues stuck up your nose for two weeks...well you're in a bit of a pickle aren't you!? Thankfully my flu is pretty much gone now so I can get back to blogging and my life really.

Pure Euphoria is australian company producing nail polishes infused with essential oils, vegan, 5 free and fragrant when dry. Every polish in the range is also supposed to target different emotions with the essential oils to help you relax, boost energy, ease anger, grow confidence and so on. Let's look at the polishes then, shall we?

pure euphoria swatches furiousfiler

pure euphoria swatch purple furiousfiler

Inner Strength is my favourite purple EVER! I'm a sucker for all things purple and this colour is just perfect and goes so well with my pale skin.  It's a gorgeous warm purple that my camera doesn't pick up very well. It is infused with Beautiful Blend. You can really smell the Neroli and orange. It's a sweet citrusy smell but it's not overwhelming. You don't feel as if the smell is always there, only when you actually sniff your nails or have your hand close to your face. It's only slightly shimmery. The bottle seems to be packed with fairy dust but you can only slightly see it on the nails. The coverage is absolutely amazing, you could easily get away with one coat. I'm wearing 2 in the picture.

pure euphoria gold swatch furiousfiler

Purity has a subtle lavender scent. I really REALLY don't like lavender but this is actually really nice!  It's a bit 'planty' but I kind of like that. The fragrance reminds me of my Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish cleanser. It is a metallic pale gold which I find a very unusual colour. You need more than one coat for a good coverage. Unfortunately I found that unless I apply two EXTREMELY thin coats, the drying time is too much to ask for of an impatient girl like me!

pure euphoria pink swatch furiousfiler

Empowerment is an absolutely amazing rich raspberry pink infused with delicate fairy dust. It gives the varnish a delicate purple/silver shimmer. However it has a glossy finish in a natural light. The smell (Ylang Ylang) reminds me of liquorice, sweet but not sickly. It's not very strong either, just a delicate hue. I am actually astonished at the coverage, you can easily get away with one coat. That's, in my experience, pretty unusual for a shimmery polish. I am in love with this varnish!

pure euphoria blue swatch furiousfiler

Creativity is a creamy blue with a very delicate hint of green. It's bright but not too in your face kind of shade. It has a refreshing but very sweet peppermint fragrance. It's a bit too overpowering and sickly for me, definitely the most fragrant of the four varnishes I tested. The polish is packed with this gorgeous fairy dust as you paint your nails however it seems to dissapear once it's dry and stays creamy rather than shimmery. The consistency is good but a full coverage requires 3 thin or 2 thick coats. I'm wearing 2 thick coats in the picture which may explain why this polish takes unusually long to dry. We're talking over 15 mins to set and even then it was very easy to scratch it and ruin the mani. It's a shame because the colour really is beautiful.

I think fragarant polishes are always tricky. Some might like a specific smell some might hate it. I sometimes find the first day of wearing fragarant polishes a bit annoying especially when I eat and all of a sudden my chicken smells like orange! However the scent of these polishes does subside after the first day leaving just a nice hue. In my experience it can last at least 4 days. I can possibly last longer but 4 days is about as long as I can manage wearing one colour!

You can purchase Pure Euphoria nail poilshes and check out the rest of their range here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are great polishes aren't they?! Great review :)

  2. These are great polishes aren't they?! Great review :)

    1. Aw thanks! So was yours, how funny we chose the same polishes!