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Spring pastels featuring BPS nail art stickers review

Recently I've been struggling to come up with new design ideas. I've been ill for a while and now I find it hard to get back into it. But you know what can get you inspired and excited instantly? New stuff :D. I recieved a bunch of things from bornprettystore.com and I can't wait to show it to you. It looks like spring has finally arrived in England, so first up something springy with a bit of a bling!

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Ciate Loop the Loop
Barry M Huckleberry
Ciate Sugar Plum
Rimmel Breakfast in Bed
Orly Harmonious Mess
Maybelline Nebline
H&M Glam Gold

I painted all my nails with Ciate Loop the Loop, Barry M Huckleberry, Ciate Sugar Plum apart from middle and ring finger which I painted with a white polish. To add a bit of a sparkle I used H&M Glam Gold and created dots within dots.

On my accent nails I sponged Ciate Loop the Loop, Barry M Huckleberry, Ciate Sugar Plum, Rimmel Breakfast in Bed, Orly Harmonious Mess and Maybelline Nebline at random and applied top coat. Once my nails were dry I used a nail sticker from bornprettystore.com. 

BPS gold 3D nail art stickers

The sticker is absolutely humongous! There are lots of different patterns and shapes and you could makes tons of nails art with it. I chose a long pattern, cut it in bits and stuck it on my nails side by side. Luckily exactly 3 pieces fitted so I didn't have to trim it on the sides. However I did trim it at the top and bottom and sealed it with a top coat. Normally I don't use top coats on top of stickers, studs, pearls and so on because I haven't yet found a top coat that doesn't leave bubbles as you apply it over the bumpy bits. If there is one, please let me know! I also noticed that it slightly 'dissolves' the gold on the sticker making it a bit brighter and more glittery. 

To be honest though top coat is not essential here. The sticker stays in place even if it takes a few attempts to put it exactly where you want it and it doesn't leave a nasty glue on your nails. It's very soft and flexible and doesn't stick out. My nails are far from being flat so that's often a problem for me. Well, not this time!

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If stickers are your thing or if you've never tried them before and want to have a go, I'd seriously recommend these. They are so easy to use, flexible, stick well and there's more than enough for several designs! You can find them at bornprettystore.com. Feel free to use my code SXL91 for 10% off at checkout.

Thanks for reading!