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I honestly couldn't think of yet another way to paint stripes and stars. Instead, I decided to take inspiration from something other than the American flag. Sue me!

Then again...when I say 'inspiration' I mean I completely copied Nail Anarchy after seeing her design in this month's Scratch magazine. And let's just say she's not the only one featuring in the magazine. Hint: it's me.

But back to the design. I researched some American street names and decided on a few short ones. It turns out that I would need about an inch more of nail and an insane amount of patience to make 'HOLLYWOOD BLVD' fit in. And possibly therapy.

A while ago I was sent a parcel from Madam Glam and since Lime Mint* looks exactly like the street sign colour, it seemed the perfect opportunity to test it out. The shade is a one step gel, meaning it's a colour, base and top all in one. Oh, it also doesn't leave a tacky layer and pays your taxes (possibly). It was opaque in 3 thin coats. I used Color Club Nail Art Pen* for the words and outlines which featured in the Donut themed MeeBox. 

street sign american nail art furious filer

What are we thinking, YAY or NAY? To see some stars and stripes have a look at this design from a few years back when I celebrated the 4th of July in Las Vegas. Someone, take me back!

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  1. Absolutely love these designs! Incredibly unique and surprisingly gorgeous for atreet signs! Thanks for the inspiration.