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Spring pastels and holo. Erm..what?

Tell you what, I was in some sort of rebel heaven when I was making these! The typical spring pastels paired up with a bright red holo? Don't mind if I do!

The thing is I bought the star of this manicure, Miss Sporty Funtastic Holographic Effect, and was desperate to incorporate it into my spring design in any way I could. I can't quite get over how absolutely gorgeous this polish is. The holo bits combined with the shimmery red are very bright and twinkle like gemstones in direct sunlight.

Miss Sporty Funtastic Holographic Effect
Seche Perfectly Poised
Miss Sporty 541
Barry M Huckleberry
2true shade 25
Ciate Loop the Loop
Maybelline Nebline
Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Barry M Lychee

I tried the paint drip look so many times before and it just always looked 'square' if you know what I  mean. It didn't have that flow. But practice makes perfect, right? Well, in my case more like practice makes it A LOT better than before. I decided the best way for me to do it was to paint half of my nail with the red polish and add the 'drips' with a large dotting tool. I painted my stripes with a brush because as you might know form my previous posts, me and tapes just don't get on.

Btw, sorry for the abundance of stripes lately! I promise I'll stop now!

Do you think this combination works? Would you go for something like that?


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