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Vintage florals featuring BPS water decals sheet

vintage stripes water decals bornprettystore monochrome

I am so excited to show you my floral vintage design, I feel like it's one of those I'm never going to want to take off. Well, for a few days anyway! The flower water decals really make this design pop and were so easy to use.

The first thing I did was paint my nails black and add white stripes. I then added a top coat to have a nice smooth surface for water decals. All that's left to do is to add flower decals, finish with a top coat and you're done! How easy was that?

These water decals* are amazing. There are very opaque and flexible. At first I was a bit worried that they may stick out on my convex nails because they are so tiny but as soon as I took them out of water they sticked perfectly to my nail, no ridges, no bumps. They also don't "dissolve" or "stretch out" when adding a top coat.

water decals floral bornprettystore

There is so many decals on this sheet including colourful roses, pearls, leaves and butterflies. It's so perfect for spring. You could make so many fun designs quickly and mess free.

I think it was the first time ever I actually followed the instructions on the back! If you are unfamiliar with using water decals, this is pretty much how I usually do it:

1. Cut out your design
2. Take off the plastic cover
3. Put the decal in a bowl with warm water and wait a few seconds
4. Take your decal out and the paper will slide off revealing your decal
5. Place the decal on your nail and dab dry with a paper towel
6. Apply top coat

However, as I said I followed the instructions this time to see if spending more time on the design will make any difference. Well, it did! I did all the 4 steps but then I placed a decal on my nail and used a hairdryer to dry it. This attached decals to my nails securely (so make sure you place them exactly where you want them before using a hairdryer) and got rid of all the moisture from underneath the decal, which in turn left my nails smooth without any bumps. Then of course I applied top coat.

vintage florals monochrome bornprettystore water decals

vintage florals monochrome water decals

vintage florals monochrome water decals

If you would like to get this fun decal sheet head over to bornprettystore.com. Feel free to use my code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout.

Thanks for reading!