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Yes, I have changed my nail shape, AGAIN. I'm looking for a shape that flatters my nails but also isn't too high maintenance. The oval ones were definately very easy to look after but I think the almond shape is just so pretty I'm slowly heading back that way again.

For this design I used a white base, a glitter topper and some blues for the gradient. I wanted to create this gradient stripe design for ages, probably because I just love making life difficult for myself!  The thing is, me and sellotape just DON'T GET ON. It's just too fiddly and I just don't have the patience for that! However once I started with it there was no going back!

First I painted my nails white and added a coat of glitter. When I was sure they were dry I used sellotape, sponge and blue polishes to create a gradient effect. As soon as I applied the blues Barry M Huckleberry, Miss Sporty 456 and Deni Carte Mini (navy) I removed the tape and applied top coat.

Polishes used:
Barry M Huckleberry
Miss Sporty 456
Deni Carte Mini (navy)
Maybelline Sugar Crystals
Deni Carte 38

So it not the best nail art I've ever produced and it's clear that me and sellotape won't become BFFs, but for my first attempt I think it wasn't too bad! I need to research another way to make this design work though. Preferably the one that won't make me want to repeatedly bash my head against the wall. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Until next time xx

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