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nail art
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Racy lace

Red lace stamping jelly polish MoYou

Ever since I've heard of it I always wanted to try a jelly polish. Finally I got round to buying one and had to use it immediately!

I'm wearing 3-4 coats here because I don't particularly like my nails to be 'naked'. Don't get me wrong I LOVE negative space nails but maybe just a chevron on half moon or something like that. It kind of freaks me out when I can see the white bit! 

I'm using Essence 'the Jelly' 02 Bubble Gum which is a red with just a slight purple undertone. It also has a very delicate dusting of red glitter. I applied a lace design over it from MoYou Bridal 07 stamping plate. To apply the stamp I used Golden Rose Color Expert 23. I really like how it turned out!

Red lace MoYou stamp jelly polish

Essence 'the Jelly' 02 Bubble Gum
Golden Rose Color Expert 23

I was going to add nail art of some sort but no matter what I did it just looked crap! Not my day I guess. In the end I decided to leave it 'bare'. I think it has a subtle delicate hue to it. What do you think?

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