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nail art
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Swirls, swirls everywhere!

nail stickers ruffian maroon glitter bornprettystore

Everywhere I look I see these swirls people create with nail stencils. I mean they are pretty cool right? I however don't have any stencils nor do I have the patience today to hand paint them! What I do have is a massive sheet of nail stickers* that I accidentally took out of my stash this morning. Well, it's not the same but at least it's stress free, get in!

This is the first time I tried to create a ruffian effect. I thought it would be a lot harder and take a few attempts but to my surprise,  it didn't ! I think it would be a lot easier to create a flawless curve if the brush was curved too but even a square one was managable.

ruffian nail art stickers nude purple

Golden Rose Color Expert 32
Barry M Lychee

swirls stickers nail art ruffian gold

swirls ruffian sickers gold nail art

The Golden Rose polish is one of my recent hauls and I was very eager to try it. It's a very unusual colour, like a mix of maroon, purple, brown and then some purple glitter. There is definatelly LOADS going on there!

The stickers* are from a huge sheet you can find at bornprettystore.com. If you want to find out more about these and see a different design check out this post. Bornprettystore has a free international delivery service. You can also use my code SXL91 for 10% off! You can find these stickers* here.

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