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Introducing: Mani Trippin'

I've just come back from a short trip to my boyfriend's family. You know when you're about to go away and there's a ton of things you need to do before? Like packing, emptying the fridge, getting the bins out and that sort of stuff. Packing that nice dress and oh look, it's stained, now you need to put the washing on. By the end of the day you're absolutely exhausted and all you want to do is sleep. Except, uh oh, you forgot to do a nice mani. Bollocks.

I don't know about you but I don't particularly like doing my nails while I'm away mostly because I'd rather just enjoy doing other things while I travel. However the thing that is absolutely infuriating is that something always goes wrong. The light is always crap, you forgot to take a brush, you took shit loads of polishes but actually don't fancy any of the colours. Oh, the list is endless!

Having said that I still want to have a new mani when I travel for more than a few days so I decided to introduce a new thing to this blog. Basically I want it to be a separate category for when I do my nails when I travel. And if I get annoyed while doing my nails at home with all the comforts, you can be sure doing my nails when I travel gets on my nerves! So I'm calling it: Trippin'! No one wants to spend hours doing their manis when travelling so I want to share with you simple techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime. They will be quick and easy but still effective (hopefully!).

studded blue bright nails rimmel

Ok, so the first one I've done isn't THAT effective but this was after a few failed attempts of complicated manicures and I just gave up in the end! That's when the idea of a quick and easy mani came to mind (probably when I was high on all the polish fumes). I think the colour kind of does the work for me here anyway because it's so unusual and bright. But being me I couldn't just leave it bare so I added some round, gold studs. This design took me about 15 minutes, I applied fast drying top coat and I was finally ready to go. Btw I'm seriously impressed by Rimmel polishes! They are affordable, the colour range is really good and this one didn't chip at all. Will be buying more! Here I'm wearing Loafer Love for You.

I did one more mani while I was away, I'll be posting about it soon! Thanks for reading x

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