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Believe it or not, this manicure was supposed to be a delicate picnic blanket kind of design. Erm... well something clearly didn't go to plan!

studs blanket checked pattern punk nails

I started with a red and black pattern using MoYou London Hipster 05. For reasons unknown, I thought that it would look like a delicate blanket pattern. Once I did it though, it reminded me of checked shirts I used to wear when I was young(er) and angry ha! So I decided on a darker mani and paired it with Barry M Chai and Essence Black is Back. I can't get over how amazing this grey is! It's what a grey should be in my opinion. It's neither purpley nor beigey, just pure grey. Love, love, love it!

studs checked pattern alternative blanket

I recently bought all sorts of cute stencils and studs from shesellsseashells.co.uk and I'm so happy I did. The quality of these arrow studs is amazing. The cut is so precise, no uneven bits sticking out which I just can't stand. I love that even when I took them off, they were still shiny and the same colour. The gold didn't come off like it often does with other studs I use, which means I can reuse them. Best buy ever? Can't wait to use all the other goodies I bought!

What do you think? I know it's not very summery but when I look out the window it doesn't look like summer either!


  1. This is beautiful, I know you wanted picnic blanket look but I think it looks really cool, kinda punky! I think it all looks wonderful together :) xx

    1. As soon as I did these red and black nails I knew I had to go for something alternative. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :* xx