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MoYou Nails Review

Ever since I got my first stamping kit I knew stamping and I would be good mates. I mean once we got past screaming, crying, throwing things around the flat and adding new creative swear words to my already extensive dictionary. Yes, we got past that a looong time ago and now I really enjoy stamping so I was thrilled to be asked to review MoYou Nails stamping kit*.

moyou nails stamping kit polish plates stampers

In their generous package I found everything you need to get you stamping: round* and square stampers*,  a scraper*, a stamping nail polish* and 2 plates* that I got to choose. I picked 105 image platethat features cute bows and hearts and 221 image plate* with mainly a flower theme. When I was choosing this plate my nails were still long so I went for longer thinner images. I'd happily stamp it on all of my nails but the image wasn't wide enough. I still managed to make it work and I really like the result!

stamping striping tape homemade decal pottery nails

With MoYou Nails I found that the design often doesn't pick up as well as I'd like it to. The stamping  polish* has a very strong colour but the stamp often ended up not transferring onto the stamper. So my thoughts were that it could have been due to a few things: stamper, polish, scraper or the plate itself. Or me I guess! I'd like to think I'm ok at stamping though. The beginnings weren't the best but now I'm quite confident using the equipment. Either way I decided to experiment a bit.

I tried all sorts of combinations. Different polish, stamping with a different stamp, trying the polish on a plate by another company you name it, I've tried it all. I know that doesn't necessary prove anything because some companies say they products work best with their equipment, which is fair enough! However all this experimenting assured me that there is a reason why the image doesn't pick up well but I wasn't quite sure what it was. Until I tested the 105 plate*. There was no problem at all with it and all the stamps that you see below took one go to come out perfectly! However the other plate didn't work so smoothly which made me think it's the plate itself that was the problem. I wanted to show you all the images but as you can see below many fine details didn't transfer and it took a few attempts to stamp even these on. Having said that I managed to create a design although it did take me longer than usual.

moYou Nails plates 221 105

 I have to say I quite enjoyed using the square stamper*. It's a new thing for me and I'm so glad I got to use it. It's not as squishy and a bit more curved to what I normally use but it just needed getting used to. However it has this awesome mechanism where the bottom it's a bit wider than the rest and it stays inside the handle until you decide to get it out. It's new thing for me. It doesn't fall out at all and I just love that. Also it's incredible how easy stamping a design straight is now! This one came out perfectly straight the first time round!

moYou nails square round stamper

stamping pottery homemade decals striping tape

I'm really happy with how my design came out. The pattern on my middle finger is a decal I made. It wasn't wide enough so I applied it sideways. You can see the pattern is the wrong way round if you look close but I don't care I still love it! For the nail art I used Barry M Cotton, Maybelline Uptown Blue and a silver striping tape I got from Amazon.co.uk

All in all I like the products I tested, it's just a shame about the 221 image plate*. You can purchase Moyou Nails products on their website.

Thanks for reading! Xx


  1. I love the finished manicure, it is so pretty and delicate looking! I think the colours look great too, makes me think of fine china! :D xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that came across because I was kind of going for that pottery look :D xx