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wave watercolour studs purple pink gradient nails

Before I started this blog my nails were never long. And I don't mean they were just short. There was nothing there, no free edge, nothing, because I used to bite my nails. Naughty! Now my nails are so long I wake up with them digging into my palms! Or I was.

wave watercolour studs pink purple dry brush

I was cutting some veg for dinner and sliced a bit more then just carrots. I thought I'd be furious but actually I was glad. The almond shape, although so pretty, was boring me a bit but I just couldn't bring myself to trim it. But now I have no choice! Do you ever find that some designs look better on different nail shapes? I kind of do, and now that my nails are square I'm discovering a whole new world of possibilities.

dry brush wave studded gradient watercolour nails

Golden Rose Color Expert 48
Golden Rose Color Expert 87
Golden Rose Rich Color 103
Golden Rose Rich Color 135
OPI Samba-dy Loves Purple

This is my little twist on dry brush technique. Instead of sliding my brush straight down my nail I went from side to side and created waves! I really like it and the colours make it so cute, don't you think? This was inspired by a pattern I saw on the OPI Avojuice Violet Orchid. I ALMOST bought it but stopped myself in the last minute. I dont think my bank balance would appreciate that!

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